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Rochester Memorial Art Gallery

Rochester Memorial Art Gallery   Looking through Rochester Memorial Art Gallery was refreshing. There are many different styles of art out there; a lot more than I knew existed. Some I consider art, other I consider to be rage with … Continue reading

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Shadowing Oaks

Linden Oaks Advertising Agency  – Shadow Opportunity One of the things I learned was how important lighting is to a video. I am now recently introduced to the phrase Golden hours, which is dusk and dawn. This is the best … Continue reading

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Project Description: Leave a legacy, as you graduate from college what would you have liked to see added to the campus. I chose to model an archery building for the campus, It would be named ASAC or Alfred State Archery … Continue reading

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Shadow Jay Advertising

I went back to Jay advertising for a second shadow experience.  It was cooler to go back this time and relate my work to what I had seen from them the first time.  What I learned a lot was the … Continue reading

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Shadowing Roberts Communication

I went to Roberts Communications in Rochester, NY to shadow the life of an advertising studio. At Roberts I was taught key principals that could help me in graphic design.  The principals that stood out the most were the 5 … Continue reading

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