“I feel that I could bring a fresh perspective to the world of design with a very conservationist/outdoor vibe. My past experience learning from Alfred State College has set me up with a great skill set in graphic design and marketing. It has trained me to understand the world that todays young men and women seek after. I have worked with multiple themed companies from State parks, humane shelters, tackle shops, to homegrown companies such as construction and deli shops.

As a child I have been in the woods shooting nature with a camera and just embracing the outdoors. I have grown up my whole life with a different perspective than most in everything the outdoors has to offer from life, serenity, beauty and sustenance. I have taken many adventures all over the country camping with friends and fishing in places that feels as if you were the first to discover them. I have documented each trip whether it is in my journals or in my photography. My work has proven to showcase my identity and how the outdoors have guided the way I design.

As the months change, the youths of today are steadily straying away from the outdoors. I believe I bring a renewed perception to the generation of today, along with ways to allure the upcoming generations into enjoying the outdoors the way that I and our ancestors have. I believe it is important to draw people back to the outdoors, not only for the sake of the economy but also  for the well being of our conservation, and the best way to do that is with advertisements and designs that appeal to the upcoming audience. “

“The outdoors will add years to your life and life to your years”

Cody Streeter


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