Fellow Student Artist Statement

Andrew Gerbers work is a unique style. It takes a very science fiction approach. His work is not only pushing boundaries between reality and the unknown but he takes a unique perspective in presenting them. Referring to his video the The Forest He designs a world that is unknown, along with what looks like a protagonist being chased by, another unknown. His work is mysterious and it doesn’t really need to be so closely labeled. Creating with a bit of mystery is a very cool style to have. he has some interesting ideas for his stories. He takes usual things like, a walk in the park, a shadow on the wall, a Childs sand castle, and transforms them into shadows with a story, to a walk in a park on a different planet. He has a creative perspective. The only shame is that there is not more, I see where his work is leading to but I can’t tell who the artist is through his work.


About streetcl

Born in the "315" Walworth, NY. I was raised in the country and born into a bloodline with talent. My grandfather Lindsay Streeter was a cartoonist for Commanding Officers in World War 2. He was noticed in the "Time Life magazine" for creating Omar Bradly's Christmas Card, and cartoons drawn for Private Eightball. My father Richard Streeter is an award winning Taxidermist on Route 104 NY. Just like the Streeter way I too have indulged myself into the arts. The only difference is that I am growing up into a privileged country where everything is turning electronic. Art, books, entertainment, everything is turning visual as a day grows old. As of now I am a student at Alfred State College of Technology (SUNY). I am in the DMA program, Digital Media and Animation. All my life I have been fascinated with the outdoors, I try to craft every model, masterpiece, and photograph as an open book of my life. Much of my work is influenced by memories and places I have been. My favorite Artist are Daniel Smith, Darrel Bush, and Terry Redlin. My work here at Alfred is nothing but a sliver to what I plan to accomplish, but only through this college, and this program, have I been pushed to what I am capable of doing. " My work is like a Depth Finder, it has its high's and low's, but every reading is vital." - Cody Streeter
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