Art History


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This message is my take on what I enjoyed the most after studying the world of Art History:

I really enjoyed the Baroque period. I was extremely fascinated by the amount of aesthetic quality drafted into each piece. Especially with the religious painting of the heavens opened wide on the roof of the chapels. The Early Renaissance I really enjoyed as well. The art of that era seemed to hold more passion and emotion, which I felt lacked when we hit the time of the enlightenment. And I thought the Modernist art was just dreadful compared to the art during the previous eras. I know you mentioned in a power point you really don’t care for realism, however being an avid outdoorsman and hunter I have a lot of realistic paintings of landscape and animals in my house. So naturally I enjoyed how the way self-portrait clothing draped so realistically in artwork of the late Enlightenment period. However I really enjoyed the pop art from the modernist era. I am a graphic designer, or at least that is what I am going to school for, so I found the early pop art of advertising by Warhol to be very interesting.
The artistic theme that appealed to me the most was classicism and naturalism; Naturalism because it was close to realism but I also enjoyed the Classicism. My favorite art styles used were fresco, and tempera. My favored sculpture of the entire year was Bernini, The Rape of Proserpina. I really enjoyed the amount of skill and precision put into the drapery of the clothes, and the hair. It is very clean, and there is a lot of detail. As for my two favorite pieces of artwork, The Swing 1767, and Andrea Pozzo, Allegory of the Jesuits Missionary Work, Sant’Ignazio. I am religious and this painting says so much besides the overall styles and aesthetic shown, it must have looked so beautiful in the chapel.


About streetcl

Born in the "315" Walworth, NY. I was raised in the country and born into a bloodline with talent. My grandfather Lindsay Streeter was a cartoonist for Commanding Officers in World War 2. He was noticed in the "Time Life magazine" for creating Omar Bradly's Christmas Card, and cartoons drawn for Private Eightball. My father Richard Streeter is an award winning Taxidermist on Route 104 NY. Just like the Streeter way I too have indulged myself into the arts. The only difference is that I am growing up into a privileged country where everything is turning electronic. Art, books, entertainment, everything is turning visual as a day grows old. As of now I am a student at Alfred State College of Technology (SUNY). I am in the DMA program, Digital Media and Animation. All my life I have been fascinated with the outdoors, I try to craft every model, masterpiece, and photograph as an open book of my life. Much of my work is influenced by memories and places I have been. My favorite Artist are Daniel Smith, Darrel Bush, and Terry Redlin. My work here at Alfred is nothing but a sliver to what I plan to accomplish, but only through this college, and this program, have I been pushed to what I am capable of doing. " My work is like a Depth Finder, it has its high's and low's, but every reading is vital." - Cody Streeter
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